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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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giles schinelli, and pastor ro bert d' aversa pre-date their time in greater orlando and accuse them of crimes of ommission, conspiracy to endanger children. while both men worked as church administrators in pennsylvania, that state' s attorney general says they reassigned to another parish a priest with a history of sex abuse complaints to a position with continuing access to children. by the time he killed himself in 2013, officials suspect reverand stephen baker of abusing 90 or more children. kathleen kane: they were more concerned with protecting the image of the order rather than the flock that they served. bob: at st. patrick' s catholic d' aversa has served for years, re not s accused of. t say anything because i never heard that, no. we would be surprised. bob: a survivor' s network for those abused by priests applauded the indictments, those
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sometimes charged. but those who conceal those crimes are rarely charged. the orlando diocese' s bishop john noonan said in a news release, "i support the decision of the minsiter provincial to remove these two priests. we pray for all the people involved in this investigation and for those who are suffering." already the church is said to have settled numerous lawsuits from bakers and victim to the tune of millions of dollars, and as for these two clergymen, we understand they are going to be returned to pennsylvania in the coming days to face arraignment. bob kealing, wesh 2 news. jim: right now at 5:00, this is all that remains of an iconic, cocoa beach homestead. the pumpkin center caught fire last night, and the flames spread quickly, destroying everything. it took crews hours to put out the flames, and locals came out to watch that battle in person. wesh 2' s dan billow is live at
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investigation into what caused dan. dan: just reopened in front of pumped in center. you can take a look at the main entrance, firefighters are still inside it working on the fire. taking into account the wooden construction of the estate, which the fire chief says they so unforgettably huge. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. dan: people watched in disbelief as the estate called pumpkin center disappeared in flames before their very eyes. amid the fireball was a fabulous mansion outfitted with everything from a treehouse with running water to 12 bathrooms. 10,000 square feet of magnificence along the atlantic burned for hours. river potter: you could feel the heat from the dunes a hundred feet away. you just heard, popping, crackling. dan: publishing mogul al
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and within its walls made plans for his innovative newspaper usa today. a friend says the fire would have broken the late publisher' s heart. frank vega: it would have. he loves this place more than anything. dan: in the light of day, firefighters continued to pour water on what was left which was next to nothing. the fire chief wanted a slow, careful approach. ryan duckworth: the entire house was covered in wood on the outside. it was a wood shake covering. on the inside, it was all wood finish. frank vega: the thing was an old, wooden, kind of a hunting lodge. and so there was wood decks across the entire top of the house, huge decks. that obviously contributed to what happened. dan: new construction was underway at the home, sold for close to $5 million after neuharth died three years ago. >> we are taking a pretty strong entrance in the construction that was going on, the renovation. >> we are looking at all aspects from electrical to where the electrical was, was there anybody in the house that should
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dan: and as you can see, there are quite a few people drawn to punk and center right now appearing through the fence to get a look at what once was a magnificent estate. the fire chief and fire marshals in the investigation into what happened could take weeks. dan billow, wesh 2 news. angela: what a shame. an update from lake county. police say the woman who told them she was pulled over by a fake cop last weekend was actually pulled over by a real fhp trooper. it happened sunday night in clermont. she told police she was pulled over for speeding and let off with a warning. a police report shows the trooper did in fact pull her over, but didn' t report it. jim: a local man who had been facing manslaughter charges for a deadly shooting back in is now out of prison. january investigators say 22-year-old tonney mccants had legal justification to shoot marquis grooms at the kensington oaks apartments. the state attorney says grooms had assaulted a woman living in his apartment. angela: orlando police say serial robbers are on the loose,
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them. so far, to businesses have been targeted. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel joins us live. dave, you' ve seen surveillance footage of these suspects in action. dave: that is right. detectives released this video because they want to capture these two men. these two places were hidden just hours apart and not all that far apart as far as driving distance. no one has been hurt and they want these guys captured before anyone is harm. around noon monday the camera shows the man with the gun demanding cash at the mercy market. the owner matches his gun with hers, telling him, i have a gun, get out of here. the report indicates she "fired a single shot at the suspect, a shot which missed but it made , the man take off, jumping into a blue minivan for the getaway." more than three hours later, at this subway on millenia boulevard, a guy in a green shirt is the aggressor, with a very similar-looking guy right there too. they pulled a gun on him and ordered him to open the cash register eventually grabbing the , drawer and helping themselves.
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gentlemen from the subway who use the comment, he' s wearing black and all-black with a black cat. he appears to be the same gentlemen from the mercy mart. dave: and the blue minivan is such a distinctive getaway car, the detectives tying both cases together. brian ferrara: the chances of having two armed robberies to commercial establishments in that time frame with those descriptions, that pretty much tells us they' re going to be linked. dave: they want one and all to look carefully at both videos, the facial features, the way the men walk and carry themselves. they suggest that any and all victims make sure their video systems work as well as these did. take a good look at faces getaway cars, which way the suspects took off. been hurt. brian ferarra: as violent as it lives. we hope it doesn' t come to that. dave: and detectives say they realize it is very frustrating for people to be victims of armed robbery, but it is far too risky to fight back.
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targeted you. anyone with information on either of these two armed robbers are asked to call crime line at 800-423-tips. live at opd headquarters, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. angela: late breaking tonight from oia, the airport authority has just approved the construction of a new terminal. the design plans were put in place last year. it is expected to take three years to build and cost nearly $2 billion. the complex will include a six-story parking garage. airport officials say they are seeing a record number of travelers, and hope the new terminal will help ease congestion. president obama: today, after completing this exhaustive process, i have made my decision. today, i am nominating chief judge merrick brian garland to join the supreme court. jim: speaking today from the white house rose garden, president obama defies the demands of the republican leadership, and announces his pick for the u.s. supreme court. republicans are opposed to judge garland and any other sort of nomination.
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the next president, not obama. s what we know about the president' s pick. chief judge merrick brian garland is 63 years old. right now he' s serving on the u.s. court of appeals in washington dc. he was appointed by president bill clinton, educated at s ready for the job. merrick garland: fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the cornerstone of my professional life. if the senate sees fit to confirm me for the position for which i have been nominated today, i promise to continue on that course. s announcement republican senate mcconnell spoke out from the senate floor, promising his party would not consider merrick for the job. the centers for disease control has released a new list of painkiller guidelines. it' s urging doctors to change the way some medications are prescribed. wesh 2' s matt grant looked into the proposals and what it means for patients here in florida.
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chronic pain, the centers for disease control wants doctors to avoid prescribing powerful painkillers. the cdc says the benefits of opioids, drugs like hydrocodone t outweigh the risks, reversing decades of practice. at doctors, nonopioid therapy is preferred. only the lowest possible dosage should be prescribed. patients should be given urine drug tests and for short-term, , acute pain, a three-day supply of medication will often be sufficient. last month, wesh 2 investigates went to the cdc in atlanta to ask top ranking officials about the guidelines. >> a lot of patients we talked to say opioids work for them. but isn' t this taking the approach we don' t think they' re effective so we' re going to , limit the dosage and we' re going to limit the quantity for everybody? houry: i think we' re seeing a lot of people dying that are taking opioids. when you look at the number of deaths each year, it increased again last year. i think that means we need to take a look at what we' re doing. matt: the cdc says it' s responding to an epidemic.
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day from overdoses nearly 2 million patients , of using or addicted. dr. julie fernandez of orlando disagrees with the cdc that the benefits of these drugs are unproven. dr. fernandez: i can' t say that it' s unproven because obviously i see the outcome of the relief of the pain. matt: for chronic pain the cdc recommends physical therapy, exercise, and over the counter meds like ibuprofen. diane gracely was hit by a drunk driver and suffers from a rare painful disorder. she worries the guidelines will make it harder to get the meds she says makes life livable. diane gracely: if it comes to a point where they take away my pain meds, i won' t be here no more. i will be one of the suicides. matt: matt grant, wesh 2 news. jim: the guidelines do not apply to active cancer patients or those receiving end of life care. the american cancer society opposes the guidelines saying this will now limit access to needed medication for cancer survivors who still experience
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angela: a local father has been taking cell phone videos of cars racing past school buses. he became angry after seeing so many cars of pilot the law and put students lives in danger. you can see cars grow inpatient and is it right around that school bus. that is illegal, according to state law. >> those lights are blinking, you stop. don' t honk at me because i am obeying the law. these children' s lives are important, and i will not sacrifice being late for work at the possible life of a child. angela: this was posted on the orange county sheriff' s office facebook page and got thousands of hits. to winter park, the city is getting a brand new library. the $30 million project is set to be built in martin luther king jr. park. it will house children' s program, and have more area for more books. the building will also include an events center. jim: coming up, the fall of marco rubio. angela: the senator was dealt a crushing defeat in last night' s florida primary, and then promptly dropped out of the race. we' re looking at what the party,
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jim: plus, a home invasion in orange county. the crooks remain on the run, but the victim is now behind bars. we' ll tell you why. and we' re taking a look at the upcoming invictus games to be held right here in central florida. tony: it was another hot afternoon here across central florida. over the next couple of days
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marco rubio: america needs a vibrant conservative movement. but one that' s built on principles and on ideas. not on fear, not on anger. not on preying on people' s frustrations. angela: marco rubio speaking out from miami last night, following his defeat in the florida primary. rubio lost every county, except miami-dade. donald trump wound up winning big. jim: so what do rubio supporters do next? wesh 2 political reporter greg fox looked into rubio' s future, and the future of the republican party. marco rubio: while today my
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ve even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. greg: just minutes after marco rubio conceded, the survivors in this republican war of attrition, lined up to lure rubio supporters. ted cruz: to those who supported marco, who worked so hard, we welcome you with open arms. donald trump: he' s tough, he' s smart, and he' s got a great future. he' s got a great future. greg: political experts tells us rubio' s poor showing in the primary will have him taking a break, and aiming for the governor' s chair in 2 years. but it' s unclear how many of his backers will go with the front runner. >> to support trump would be really difficult for me, and i' m a republican through and through, right? greg: the bitter battle for support has hillary clinton and democrat voters licking their chops for what they expect to be a political implosion at the gop convention. carol cox: really the messier it is for the republicans the better it is for hillary clinton in november. i think that the republican
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a stockholm syndrome right now where trump has been holding them hostage and now they move from resistance to their captor, to now acceptance. eddie fernandez: if he goes into this and this has not been decided, and he has a mere plurality. i think what we are going to see is a situation is we' re going to see a divided republican party. it' s going to be ugly and then hopefully unity can occur after the convention. greg: right now, rubio has 169 delegates and willlikely pick up more in the weeks ahead, even though he suspended his campaign. where do those delegates go and when? it' ll probably be a proportional split and not until the convention. in the meantime, rubio voters are expected to throw most of their support behind ted cruz and john kasich. jim? angela? angela: thank you. the invictus games are coming to central florida. the games recognizes the achievements of wounded service men and women, who have suffered life-changing injuries. the games will be held at the disney espn wide world of sports complex they were first held in london. more than 500 athletes, from 15
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sports. the games are held may 8 through the 12. there is word on the street that prince handed -- harry will be there. jim: let' s talk about the weather. it is hot outside. if you live in our neighborhood, it is real sake. -- smokey. tony: we had some brushfires, but we have rain coming. angela: and you will feel better with the pollen gone. tony: i can' t wait. it is warm. lisicki look at the updated 5:00 temperature. 87 degrees right now out of the west at five to 10 miles per hour. one degree shy of a record high in daytona beach. look at melbourne, 88 with the high in 90.
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the breeze has worked in. melbourne 81, back to the interior, still running in the mid-80' s. hour-by-hour, clermont 7:00 through 11:00 81 to 71. in new smyrna beach, 82 to 74 . looking at the flower and garden festival in a cost, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 76. overnight lows look like this. orlando 66, and melbourne and palm bay around 66 degrees. as was the case, there will be pockets of the locally dense fog, so we will give you an update at 10:00 and 11:00. southwest winds, rain west of orlando after the fog it does burn off the tomorrow. neighborhood high temperatures not bad. 82 ocala, salt springs 82.
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clermont 85. the farther south and east you had tomorrow, warmer temperatures will be. kenansville 87 to 88 degrees. i-4 from windemere to deltona, 85 to 88. daytona beach, more clouds up north, 82. and merritt island down to palm bay, afternoon highs in the mid 80' s. on friday there comes a front meandering southward ever so slowly. kind of overhead on saturday. we get us transfer storms saturday and sunday. -- a chance for storms saturday and sunday. it will not be cooler, but we do get rain. bay hill, 2:00, 4:00, best chances for showers friday and saturday. looking good on sunday. just a couple of showers, temperatures around 71 degrees.
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71, 68, a little bit of rain around saturday night. let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. rain chances lowering quickly. sunday night into monday and tuesday, afternoon highs 70 to 75. as promised, waking up monday and tuesday, upper 40' s and 50' s. angela: thank you. coming up, the country' s second largest subway system shut down. jim: plus, 15 years of hard labor. that' s the sentence north korea just handed down to an american student abroad. the crime for which he was convicted. and up in smoke. a pot-shop explosion, caught on camera. you'
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5:00. angela: a busy night for firefighters in ohio. five vacant homes went up in flames, all within minutes of each other. the second house fire was so big, it spread to a neighboring home. these fires add to the list of several vacant homes that have caught fire in recent months. the cause is under investigation. also in ohio, a driver barley escapes before his van is hit by a passing freight train. police dash cam video captured what happened last week. the van was there stuck on the tracks. the owner rushes to grab
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train quickly approaches. he grabs a bag and runs from the van just as the train barrels down. within seconds, the train smashes into the van, pushing it down the tracks. unbelievable. thankfully, no one was hurt. jim: a pretty serious shock. metromageddon and metropocalypse is underway right now in our nation' s capital. washington dc' s metro subway was shut down at midnight after a fire in one of the rail line' s tunnels. it' s the second largest subway system in america and this is causing a commuting nightmare for the more than 70,000 daily riders in the d.c., maryland and virginia areas. crews are inspecting the system' s third rail power cables. the metro will reopen at 5:00 a.m. thursday. remarkable, stunning video is released of an explosion at a medical marijuana dispensary that left two employees severely burned. you can see workers using butane to extract thc from marijuana to make cannabis oil when suddenly the room bursts into flames. one worker struggles to open a
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another one plows right through the flames to get out. both suffered third-degree burns in the explosion. osha fined the business more than $13,000. angela: chinese media is reporting north korea is sentencing an american student to 15 years of hard labor. otto warmbier was arrested at the beginning of the year when he was about to leave the country. he says he tried to steal a banner with a political slogan from his hotel, but he also says he may have said that against his will. the north korean government claims he was encouraged to commit the act by a member of an ohio church. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: jim, angela, coming up, a carjacking ends in a crash, and a missing dog. police say the driver was forced from her ride a gunpoint, but the thieves took off without letting her grab her pet. plus, clinton' s commanding lead. where the former secretary of state heads next, after a sweep of last night' s primary elections. and we' ll tell you why the victim of a home invasion, wound
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wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. stewart: right now an accused car-jacker is in critical condition after a crash. deputies say he swiped a car, with the driver' s dog inside. good evening, i'
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m angela taylor. the car was stolen at blue lake avenue and state road 44 shortly after 7:00 this morning. the good news tonight, the dog has been found. wesh 2' s claire metz is live with more. claire? claire: yeah, the suspect cresta here at -- crashed here at mcgregor road and duncan chase, several miles from the car jacking scene, slamming into a power pole, bursting into flames. for hours, no one knew what happened to the car jacking victim' s dog, until just after 3:00 today. despite her ordeal, the 49-year-old car jacking victim got her happy ending. her beloved pet of nine years, golden retriever kenzie, somehow got out of the stolen ford expedition after the crash and was found on a stranger' s front porch, not far from the crash scene. neither the victim or her husband would go on camera, but both are relieved kenzie escaped it all with a possible leg injury, but otherwise unharmed. for the suspect, a different outcome. >> the guy just flipped right in front of me right into the trees
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claire: jeff ricci was east on mcgregor road as the suspect, now identified as 18-year-old andre pomerleau, raced west he said and lost control. witnesses recorded videos and images of the stolen vehicle bursting into flames ricci immediately stopped and called for help, then with another man, pulled the suspect out. >> helped him get the guy out of the car so we could get him away from the fire, ' cause it was fixing to -- fixing to blow. claire: and blow it did, as rescuers attended to suspect pomerleau, the fire raged, burning the power pole and a nearby tree. just look at the suv once the fire was finally put out, almost unrecognizable. deputies say pomerleau jumped into the victim' s vehicle when she stopped at a light. other motorists say he fled recklessly away. >> this car, this like suv, must have been going, like, 60 through that intersection and almost hit several of us. claire: miles later, it ended in a fiery collision that rocked the neighborhood. >> the car burst into flames you had, probably 20-foot flames coming out of that car. claire: the suspect, saved by
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friend safe now too. the suspect will be booked on carjacking and grand theft when he recovers. the 18-year-old was most recently arrested in november on a child abuse charge. that is still working its were to the court. stewart: thank you. deputies tell wesh 2 they' ve arrested the victim of a home invasion. investigators say two men burst into a home around midnight on conway road last night. they shot and killed a dog and then stole a car. so far they haven' t been caught. investigators who were called to the scene arrested michael magie. they say he was keeping cocaine, pot, and a stolen gun inside his of his house. right now the five people who invaded a home, kidnapped someone, and caused to car crashes remain on the run. it happened in ocoee. police there say the group broke into a home early yesterday morning. they kidnapped one of the three people inside, and then while making their getaway, caused a
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they kept driving though, and they eventually crashed into a police officer' s car. investigators say they think they know why the crooks targeted the home. >> this particular couple of guys ran a tax business. with their money. they flash their money. everybody knew on social media how much cash they had. matt: they posted pictures? >> they posted pictures and this may have made them a target. stewart: guns and cash were stolen. no suspects have been named. angela: right now several children are recovering after they fell ill yesterday because of high chlorine levels in a pool. it happened yesterday at the waterford east apartments on island bay drive. that' s just off the 408, near waterford lakes. fire rescue crews say five children were swimming in the pool when they starting vomiting. one child was rushed to the hospital. good news this week for ucf. plans to build a downtown campus are moving forward. governor rick scott signed the state budget this week. in it, money has been set aside for the project. to be exact. $20 million it'
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school obtain the $60 million it needed to build the campus. it' s expected to open in the fall of 2018. stewart: tonight sanford police will join members of the community to reduce violence. this is all in response to several recent killings which have not been solved. that includes the christmas week killing of a local grocery store owner. so far no one has come forward with information to help police make an arrest. the meeting starts at 7:00 at the second shiloh missionary baptist church on west airport boulevard. a nasty, morning crash led to the rescue of a young child and a driver. check out this photo of the scene. it happened on 7000 block of maricamp road in silver springs shores. the driver of the truck and her son were wearing their seatbelts and got out through the back window. so far, no word what caused the crash. angela: a launch scheduled for later this week remains a go tonight. there are some concerns strong winds may delay it. the soyuz rocket will carry two american astronauts to the international space station. the mission is called expedition 47. it'
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friday night. right now, clean up continues in daytona beach. this week city leaders tell wesh 2 bigger than normal spring break crowds are leaving behind a mess of litter. it' s been a wild time. so far, 100 people have been arrested including one , 21-year-old who is accused of battering a lifeguard. daytona beach police say they' re working to put more officers on duty, to keep an eye on the growing crowds. an officer dislocated shoulder dealing with the unruly spring breaker. stewart: enjoy the weather, there is a lot of spring training going on. angela: grab a bottle of water and sunscreen. tony: we have the onshore flow right now, that allows for temperatures to climb into the mid and upper 80' s. tomorrow from orlando on south, it is going to be warm. north of orlando, we were front trying closer, afternoon showers will continue to pop up after the fog burns off. we have gulf
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invitational kicking off on thursday. we are warming up nicely by lunchtime. mostly cloudy, mainly drive for the afternoon first round. looking at spring training in kissimmee, the astros are taking on the blue jays. first bit forecast 81 degrees at 1:05. we' ll talk more about rain chances on the rise in cooler temperatures waiting to move back in. stewart: thanks. hillary clinton we are moving : closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. [applause] stewart: hillary clinton speaking in west palm beach last night, following some key wins in last night' s super tuesday primary contests. what a victory is was, too. she swept all elections, winning florida, north carolina, ohio, illinois, and missouri. while bernie sanders wasn' t able to claim victory last night, he made no mention of dropping out of the race anytime soon. he says he'
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bernie sanders: you know, what excites me so much as i go around the country is to see the incredible energy of hundreds of thousands of people who love this country, but know we can do so much better. stewart: sanders made no reference to hillary clinton. he simply mentioned his opponent, who took money from wall street donors. angela: last night' s victory puts hillary clinton far ahead of sanders in the delegate count. right now clinton has just over 1560. that' s about double what sanders has. she has some work left to do. she still needs about 800 to officially make the nomination. as for the republicans, donald trump is more than halfway to the 12 that -- 1237 he needs. and that lead over ted cruz grew. john kasich has 138 after his winner-take-all victory in ohio. stewart: those who voted in last night' s primary election here in florida were all members of a political party.
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given the opportunity. that' s 3.2 million people where weren' t allowed to take part. state leaders say that caused some confusion among voters who don' t understand state law. >> some people get confused. they may have been npas, no party affiliation, so they may have expected that they could vote, but the fact is that florida law does not permit them to vote. stewart: florida has been a closed primary state for more than a century. it is one of 28 states along , with the district of columbia, that used the method. angela: it appears florida governor rick scott is endorsing donald trump for president. just hours after trump' s sweeping super tuesday victories in illinois, florida, and north carolina, scott called for the republican party to unite around him. in a statement released today, governor scott said the voters are speaking clearly. they want a businessman outsider who will dramatically shake up the status quo in washington. scott went on to say that continuing the primary race when there' s only one true candidate
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republican party. following some breaking news, a teen accused of hitting an orange county deputy with the car will be charged as an adult. giancarlo ortiz was arrested last month. the sergeant was injured. deputy say he slammed the door in front of him. he is charged with attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. a new report has listed all of florida' s counties, by which one is healthiest. wesh 2' s michelle imperato looks at where our local counties ended up and why. michelle: how we feel and how healthy we are, can be linked to so many aspects of our lives. >> good health includes more than just medical care, things like education, income and housing, and so much more. michelle: michelle larkin with the robert woods foundation says the results are in on their new study ranking each county in the sunshine state by health. seminole ranks the highest in
5:40 pm
when looking at health factors, seminole comes in at number 3 with adult obesity, unemployment, and the number of children in poverty better than the state and national average, osceola was our area' s lowest ranking county on that same list. with those same factors, adult obesity, unemployment, and the number of children in poverty all worse than the state and national average. >> for rural counties to shift the trend in a more positive direction, you need to focus on things like new jobs health care, good jobs, quality education, access to healthy foods, and adequate housing . michelle: the point of this study is to highlight the health problems in each area so communities can take steps to improve over time. for more information, head to county health . michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. stewart: coming up, president obama makes his supreme court nomination. now, the real fight on capitol hill begins. angela: plus, a look at some wild primary night weather in the prairie state. and a controversial program
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announcer: local, live, wesh 2 news at 5:00 continues. stewart: a controversial program is underway right now in some colorado schools. middle schoolers are now being given a gun safety course with real guns inside their classrooms. the nra is behind the idea. it' s working with a local group project appleseed. the goal is to replace fear of weapons with respect. the course includes a day at a gun range with loaded weapons. president obama: i have selected a nominee who is widely recognized as not only as one of america' s sharpest legal minds, but someone who brings to his
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modesty, integrity, even handiness, and excellence. stewart: president obama speaking from the white house today. nominating his pick to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. he picked federal appeals court judge merrick garland. angela: it' s a move some repubulicans are already denouncing. wesh 2' s sally kidd explains. sally: republican leaders say their objections are not about the nominees but about the process. the president says he has picked the right man for the job. obama: i am nominating merrick brian garland. sally: he says he is one of america' s sharpest lines. obama: he is a sop -- sensible, thoughtful judge. sally: he was confronted by bipartisan support to serve on d.c.' s appellate court. >> it has been the cornerstone
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it is the hallmark of the kind of judge i have tried it to be. obama: his record on the bench shows his fundamental tournament -- temperament showing that all views respect hearing. sally: he is asking applicants to give garland a fair hearing. >> it is seen that president obama did not make this with seeing the person confirms what weather to politicize for the election. sally: the president is a -- the senate is adamantly american people have a say. >> the senate will not confirm this nominee to this vacancy. >> this is toxic, and i personally do not want to see the clerk remain during this particular time. sally: tomorrow he begins his trip to capitol hill to begin
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angela: severe weather crashed the primary election party in illinois last night. check out this footage of a storm cell forming in good hope. dark clouds. that' s a few hours northwest of springfield. the storm brought strong winds, heavy rain, and hail. people were urged to stay inside and away from windows. the same system is expected to bring whipping winds to chicago today. and about an hour up the road, it was all about clean up today. those strong storms made a mess of the community last night. windows in homes were smashed, trees knocked down, and even a fed ex truck was flipped onto so far, there' s no word whether a tornado hit. surveyors from the national weather service were in the area today inspecting the damage. stewart: tony, we are talking about our forecast, we could see changes. tony: rain, which will help me with the pollen. we are going to cool down. we need to get rid of the brushfires. county.
5:48 pm
daytona beach, a good-looking sky. looks like angela was getting ready to jump in. the wind out of the northwest at about seven. humidity nice and low. this is a little disturbance down toward the southern tip of kabul san lucas. this one is going to move across old mexico into the gulf of mexico. it will give us the opportunity ahead of this front for some much needed and valuable rain, which we have not had a whole lot of since january. currently 88 in palm coast, sea breeze in brevard county working down to 79. cocoa 79 and downtown orlando, right through 10:00 tonight, temperatures will fall to 75 degrees. daytona beach 85 to 72.
5:49 pm
albert will fall from -- melbourne will fall to 73 degrees. lows of six, we are calling 66 in orlando, 10 degrees above average. the biggest concern are the local fog does that we had this morning. mainly north of orlando, and once the fog burns off, we have moisture and clausen sneaking in across -- clouds sneaking in across the northern areas. they be as far south as the villages. temperatures will reflect that and warmer in the south. county, your in good shape. afternoon highs in the mid 80' s, water temperature 73 degrees. as we look at the front on friday, kind of setting southward every so slowly. a little bit of energy moving along, and as a heat up in the afternoon, we will see afternoon
5:50 pm
the main low will arrive sunday. the greatest energy will be up north, but we get a greater chance for showers sunday afternoon. all of that energy will have an impact on round 2, 3, and four. highs changes on round three, but we will have to watch out for showers and storms friday and saturday. let' s take a look at the updated seven-day forecast. saint patrick' s day, looking good. still warm, 87 degrees, 27% chance for a shower. chances creeping up on the backside of low pressure. sunday night, monday, and tuesday, morning lows in the upper 40' s. afternoon highs very comfortable at 70 to 75 degrees. back into the 80' s wednesday. house party leaves a vacant home, a mess.
5:51 pm
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daring prison escape.n and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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stewart: the l.a. police department is still investigating the knife found on property once owned by oj simpson. the former footballer lived there the same time his ex-wife death. the murder weapon was never
5:54 pm
however detectives are saying the forensics on the knife are still in the works. apple is continuing to fight against the government over iphone security. new court papers say the government' s method for achieving its objectives are contrary to the rule of law. the justice department and the fbi want apple to unlock the phone used by san bernardino shooter syed farook. apple says the government' s request is overreaching its authority. the two will be facing off in court next tuesday in california. angela: a canadian court is unveiling a video that shows a dramatic prison escape from 2013. it shows two inmates escape, dangling by a rope from a helicopter. looks like something in a movie. prosecutors are showing this of the escapees. the inmates accomplices hijacked a helicopter and forced the pilot to fly to the jail where the inmates were waiting. then they clung onto the rope while the chopper took off but they ended up being recaptured later. owners of a brand new house in california were supposed to do a walk through until they find their house has been destroyed by teens. police say teens found their way inside the home and held a party in it.
5:55 pm
fine. but on the inside there' s punched walls, empty liquor bottles, beer cans, and red solo cups. 14 people were detained and charges are pending. the damage is bad enough to meet the threshold for felony vandalism. that was a horrible idea. stewart: the level of ticked off if i were that homeowner. wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. angela: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up next half hour. jim: a big boost for donald trump and the sunshine state from someone who said he would not give an endorsement. a hunt for two robbers. why they believe these two robberies are connected. what one father is doing in an effort to protect children while they get on and off their school
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
announcer: local, live, late-breaking. jim: priests charged, accusations of conspiracy to endanger children in another state. the archbishop of the orlando diocese response to those who have been removed and their position. meredith: dramatic video showing an iconic mansion on fire, and
5:59 pm
>> i was thought of it as a millionaires treehouse. meredith: wesh 2 learns how important it was in one local community. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. jim: right now at 6:00, two central florida priests are now charged in a sweeping sex abuse case dating back 30 years. good evening, i' m jim payne. meredith: i' m meredith mcdonough. both have been indicted for failing to protect children from a predator priest who committed suicide three years ago. jim: wesh 2' s bob kealing has more on the grand jury indictments and reaction. bob: the indictments against the san pedro center director reverend giles schinelli, and mount dora pastor robert d' aversa, accuse them of conspiracy to endanger children. a survivor' s network for those abused by priests applauded the indictments. those who commit clergy sex crimes are sometimes charged. those who conceal those crimes are rarely charged. while both men worked as church administrators in pennsylvania, that state'
6:00 pm
says they reassigned a priest with a history of sex abuse complaints to another parish with access to children. by the time he killed himself in 2013, officials suspect reverend stephen baker of abusing 90 or more victims. >> allowing the voice of the victims to finally be heard, to let them know that we are on their side that they are safe. bob: at st. patrick' s catholic d' aversa has served for years, what he' t know what i don' t know what happened with we' d be surprised. bob: neither of the priests charged is accused of any hands on crime and as the orlando dicoese pointed out in a , locally. the orlando diocese' s bishop john noonan said in a news release, "i support the decision of the minsiter provincial to


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